Apr. 24, 2021

I had to cut back because I was over doing it! My doctor noticed my sodium level was too low and this has an effect on your electrolytes(potassium level and others)... So too much water can be damaging to your system as well as too little water can. My doctor told me drink more than three 16 ounce bottles of water a day. But that was only after I asked, since she told me to cut back on water consumption. You have to be specific with your doc if you want thorough answers. Because they are swamped with appointments that last 20 minutes and they have to take into consideration your entire history of health each time to be careful in their decision making. I recommend that everyone read the article(url) below for knowing signs of overhydration(too much water) and more information. (Copy and paste the url below into your search engine for this article). It's well worth the quick read:

Phillip Wilkinson
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Apr. 24, 2021

THE C-VIRUS is not gone!! And it won't be for a time longer. There is still a large portion of the population that does not believe it is necessary to get a vaccination. Lots of mixed-emotions on the subject. But it is necessary! It's the only way to finally get rid of it. I strongly suggest the quick read article on the subjects below:

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