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The azure back drop adds beauty to the strange formations.

The azure back drop adds beauty to the strange formations.

We didn't hike any in the Painted desert. We just passed through on our way to Bryce Canyon,Utah, a wonder of nature in itself, which you can see on the next page. But the Painted Desert was worth viewing on the way as I find, the mounds shapes and color contrasts an interesting display of nature. But we needed to get to Bryce Canyon early to have time to hike it. And Highway UT-12 and UT 63 were very winding and the speed limit changed abruptly as well as often! There was a lot of traffic, which formed numerous groups of cars cluttered bumper to bumper periodically along the way. The passing lanes saved us but you had a short amount of time to speed up to at least 80 to get passed the first car in line in time before the passing lane ended... and at times it was very scary.

*And I never realized you could go to the north rim of The Grand Canyon from The Painted Desert. I imagine that would be a very interesting journey...

But I thought I would share a few pictures of the northern Arizona Desert terrain, which is so different from the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix. First a bit of a slide show(directly below) then some more pictures.


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