CACTUS GARDENS AND THE PEACOCKS©-2015—Gypsy Quill/Gypsy 'ALL RIGHTS RESERVED'--written and directed by Gypsy Quill //©-2015—M.W.-/ 'ALL RIGHTS RESERVED'--All photography by M.W. No picture or text may be reproduced by means of mechanical device, electronic scanner, copying, or in any other way without the written permission and consent of Gypsy Quill. Except for reviews on facebook by members and media/and or other media credits elsewhere.-----Watch the sunset in the Sonora Desert with Gypsy Quill. It is unlike any other you've ever seen!! You'll be surprised at what can grow in this desert!!

You'd be surprised at what grows in this desert! Can you picture in mind--a city in a desert. The enchantment of the Singing Saguaro comes alive in waves of wonder. 

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IS amazing

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Wonderful and great website from a great author, I am fascinated by its extreme clarity and I am really excited and pleasantly surprised. Excellent

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